Welcome to the Race Reports for the 2018 edition of the Likeys 6633 Arctic Ultra.

This is the 10th Edition of the event, and once again we are privileged to have 26 competitors on the start line representing 10 countries from around the World.

All of the athletes have been arriving here in Whitehorse over the last few days, with the time spent up until now getting their sleds, clothing and equipment ready for the challenge ahead. Many have been preparing for up to a year for the event, but with the start looming just 2 days away, there is most definitely an air of nervousness prevailing.

This morning we officially started the proceedings for the event with our race briefing at the High Country Inn in town. Race numbers and Rab Fleece Jackets were given out to all the competitors, followed by a detail presentation covering the race itinerary, safety measures, checkpoint etiquette, medical issues, etc. If the enormity of the event hadn’t sunk in – this briefing for some certainly made them gulp.

This was then followed by our outdoor clinic which all new entrants are obliged to attend. The outdoor clinic is a short walk out of town for the athletes taking their pulks along with their respective sleeping and cooking systems. The purpose of the exercise is for the athletes to check that their pulks are in good working order, and for us as organisers to check for safety reasons that all the athletes are capable of effectively setting up their bivvies and are able to use their cookers in cold conditions. Throughout the session advice is given where appropriate ensuring everyone is competent of looking after themselves later in the event.

During the next 10 days or so, I will try to write a daily report which will be posted both on our official race website, but also on our 6633 Arctic Ultra Facebook page. There is likely to be a 36 hour delay (at least) for updates after the start of the race due to likely lack of internet access. There will also be sporadic short updates on Facebook throughout the event together with photos at that time.

So here we go again – let the madness commence.


(Organiser – 6633 Arctic Ultra)
Stress Level – Calm so far…. I have a great crew working with me!!

See the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/6633ArcticUltra/ for images.