Please read this only as a middle of the road guide – the suggestions have been used over the past 9 years in this event.
Racing snakes and Journeymen/women may wish to adapt it up or down accordingly.

Click to download the Winter Kit List 2018

In making this list I am assuming that the athlete is on foot pulling a sled containing a majority of their kit. In addition they will be carrying a small rucksack and a front pack of some description (reverse bumbag for instance).

The list may not be conclusive, so if anyone notices something obvious that is missing, please let me know. Again as a starting point for this list, we are assuming on the start line it will be around -30 degrees.

There is a logic to every item that has been put on the list, but it would be too long winded to explain that logic here – most will be obvious, but what might not be can be explained via email or at the training camp later in the year.

The underlying theme for a majority of the list is that quality in an Arctic Environment counts. I cannot recommend highly enough, chatting to us before you go mad with kit and clothing purchases.

Final note/Advice……

This might sound like a plug (but be assured it isn’t)…. before going out buying all your clothing and equipment, come and have a chat with us at Likeys, we’ve been to the Arctic many times and we can absolutely guarantee you that we will be giving you 100% sound advice that is appropriate for the event.

Not only will you be able to purchase the right equipment for you based on experience, aspirations, ability and budget, but you will definitely be saving money in that you won’t be running the risk of potentially wasting well-earned funds buying the wrong or inappropriate kit from those with less knowledge.