Name: George Economou

Sex: Male

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Bio: George Economou Ultra Marathons – Comrades Ultra – 11 International marathons – 9 Most challenging – Jungfrau Marathon Switzerland – elevation 1,823 meters over 18km Polar Circle Marathon – Race in snow and ice with temperatures dipping to -25. Registered for 6633 thereafter naively thinking that racing in -25 was adequate preparation for 6633 … similar conditions – Not quite ! You have a warm shower to look forward to after 4 or so hours after the start of the Polar Ice Marathon. 6633 …. you’re out there in the elements for days … 2015 totally underprepared, arrogance and ignorance cost me the race. Conceded defeat 105km into the race after two bouts of hypothermia – went to hell and back !!! I knew 6633 would be tough but it was the toughest I ever did! If I could describe 6633 in one word it would be 🤔 “BRUTAL” Completed the 120 Mile race in 2016. Ready to take on the 350 mile race in 2018. 6633 race demands respect and takes no prisoners.