What a mad 12 hours!!

I don’t have any photos available immediately to show the true conditions, but the weather gods have given the race a good kicking, with blizzards and winds up to 94km per hour.

The result of which is that the race become a bit fractured as the front runners managed to ascend and pass over Wright Pass before it all kick off, whilst the mid packers received the severest of beatings, and those bringing up the rear where able to avoid the worst.

As I was stuck south of the border due to the weather, I haven’t had a chance to follow the leaders, but I understand that Tibi still leads Patrick having extended his lead through the day. Pete Newland has now taken a bit of a lead over Tom Restoule with Mark Strathern making up the top 5.

The conditions took their toll on a few athletes today, with Florentina, Kirk, George and Levente each withdrawing from the race due to the harsh conditions.

Anyway…. must rush as it’s a bit bonkers here at the moment sorting out all manner of issues arising from this period of madness.

See the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/6633ArcticUltra/ for images.