2020 Entries Now Open

The 12th Edition of the 6633 Arctic Ultra, which will once again take place in the Canadian Arctic between the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

The race will start from Eagle Plains (Yukon) with the 120 mile race finishing at Fort McPherson (NWT) whilst the 380 mile race continues to the finish line on the banks of the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk (NWT). It will take place during March 2020 (exact start date to be confirmed although it will be towards the beginning of March).

With only 37 finishers of the 350 mile race in 10 years, the 6633 Ultra has unquestionably established itself as the toughest, coldest, windiest ultra on the planet, yet in the humble opinion of the organisers is perfectly doable for those willing to prepare themselves physically (that’s the easy bit), mentally (that’s the bit that is often overlooked) and are willing to train, test and be at complete ease with all their relevant equipment and clothing.

To help budget and pay for entries there are different ways to pay. This year we are offering a monthly plan (from the date of entry to the end of January 2020). If you would like to take up this option please get in touch to discuss. Also check out the early bird offers if booking before the end of March 2019.

We are also offering a longer term monthly budget plan for the 2021 race, paying monthly from the time of entry to the end of January 2021.


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    120 Miles - 2020 6633 Arctic Ultra
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    120+ Miles - 2020 6633 Arctic Ultra
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    380 Miles - 2020 6633 Arctic Ultra


On placing your entry (deposit or in full) we will send you confirmation of your place in the 2019 event together with an entry form/waiver to complete and return.

Your race entry will include accommodation from leaving Whitehorse to the start at Eagle Plains and for those returning from Tuktoyaktuk, the accommodation at Eagle Plains after the 380 mile race (excluding food and drink).

Note 1
CAN’T DECIDE…. We are often asked if it is possible to enter the 120 mile race, but then have the option to have a crack at the 380 mile event if everything is going well by the time you get to Fort McPherson. In earlier races, to the greatest degree we tried to accommodate these requests. However, to leave this open ended didn’t seem very fair on those who enter the 380 mile event outright. So since 2011 in order to address these matters we have introduced a 120 mile + category for an additional £100 on the entry fee. As you can see we are including this option again for 2019. The athlete who takes up this option will initially be listed and compete in the 120 mile event and will have a result in that event should he/she decide to finish at Fort McPherson. If an athlete in the 120 mile + category then decides to continue in the 380 mile event, their result in the 120 mile event will become void the moment they leave Fort McPherson and they will continue as a competitor in the 380 mile event. It sounds complicated but hopefully not too much so as it seems a fairer way of allowing athletes to participate who simply can’t make up their minds.

Note 2
If you are entering the 120 mile race it is assumed that you will return to Whitehorse on the conclusion of your event. Flying from Inuvik is the most logical option, therefore unless you have other plans, you will need to arrange your flight out from Inuvik on either Tuesday 12th or Wednesday 13th. As a guide, the flight cost is likely to be in the region of $300CAN and for peace of mind, should be booked in advance through Air North who are the airline company offering the daily service.

However, if as a 120 mile athlete you wish to remain with the event until the conclusion of the 380 mile race and consequently return with the race convoy to Whitehorse by road, please do contact us directly to discuss. It is possible to do so, but there will be an additional charge of £250. Staying with the race to its conclusion does mean you will get to see the Ice Road in its full glory, will allow you time to possibly go Dog Sledding in Inuvik, enable you to see Tuktoyaktuk on the banks of the Arctic Ocean, more opportunity to see the Northern Lights, which in past years have had their most spectacular displays whilst in Tuk and to enjoy the incredible friendship that forms every year between the whole group. The race and the racers still competing still remain the priority, but you will continue along the race route using the same facilities (good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable, cold and warm) as the organiser and race(rs) will be using.

From the time of booking until September 30th all cancelled bookings will be subject to a £500 cancellation charge. From October 1st to January 31st all cancelled bookings will be subject to a £1000 cancellation charge. From February 1st to February 28th all cancelled bookings will be subject to a £2000 cancellation charge. After the 1st March cancelled bookings or non attendance at the race will result in a 100% of the entry fee cancellation charge.

Late Payment/Non payment without notification by the due date(s) will assume your withdrawal from the event and your place may be offered to an athlete on the waiting list.

Entry includes:

  • Logo’d Race technical momento clothing item for all participants.
  • Inscribed inukshuk for all participants
  • Pre race briefing and training course in Whitehorse (date TBD).
  • Medical cover throughout the race
  • Support and evacuation off the course.
  • Accommodation at Eagle Plains at the start and on the return journey back to Whitehorse.
  • All race transportation from Whitehorse to the start (everyone) and transportation back (for 380 mile entrants).
  • Post race celebration meal and Inukshuk presentation.
  • …and a few other goodies from Sponsors.

A cash deposit of $200cdn will be collected off each competitor during the Pre Race Kit Check-in that will take place in Whitehorse prior to travelling north to the start. This deposit is to cover the possible additional accommodation costs at Eagle Plains should the race start be delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organiser and/or to cover the same such costs should the return journey at the end of the event be hindered due to road closure. Subject to there being no delays in either direction, the deposit money will be returned to each athlete at the conclusion of their respective race. To date this deposit has never been called upon.

** We will provide within the entry fee the Hotel accommodation in Eagle Plains prior to the event and similarly for those returning from Tuktoyaktuk at Eagle Plains on the way back to Whitehorse. This accommodation will be on a shared room basis (2 or 3 person). However, if a single room is required at Eagle Plains, this can be arranged, albeit the additional charge of such a room will need to be borne by the athlete and will be payable to the organiser in Whitehorse prior to departure. Whilst the exact figure is not currently known, its likely to be in the region of an additional $80cdn per night and the availability of such rooms will likely be limited – so please advise as soon as possible if you would like us to arrange this upgrade for you.

If you require any further information about the event please don’t hesitate to contact us