Name: Didier da Costa

Sex: Male

Nationality: French

Bio: I am a late starter when it comes to running. In fact, although I’ve always done some kind of sporting activities over the years, I’ve only starting to run seriously about 3 years ago. I had just finished climbing Mt Aconcagua and wanted to remain fit till my next climb. I rapidly got hooked and rapidly moved from short distance running to marathon and eventually ultra marathons. Starting first with the Donadea 50k race, I then moved to longer events, such as the Wicklow Way Race and Marathon Des Sables in 2016. I more recently participated in the Achill Ultra Back-toBack (2 x 39.3 miles) and the Last One Standing 2017, completing 100.8 miles. I’ll be traveling shortly to Brazil to participate to the Jungle Marathon, a 254km race in the jungle with temperatures of 40°C and humidity of 99%.
Having done mountaineering across the globe for a number of years now, I’ve had the opportunity to remain days sleeping out and trekking in cold/very cold environments, with temperatures going down up to -30°C, but racing in an arctic environment will be completely new to me and really challenging. I look forward to this new challenge and experience.